Brake Relining for Overhead Cranes and Elevators.

We understand that valuable downtime cost money and as a result to minimise downtime and cost, Custom Brakes and Hydraulics Ltd offer a 24-hour / 365 days reline service for the overhead crane and elevator service industry.

All modern friction materials we use are Asbestos Free, however, the brake relining materials we strip off brake bands and brake shoes may still contain old Asbestos based materials, due to this all our stripping work is carried out in a controlled environment, using dust extractors. Furthermore, old brake linings are safely disposed of in a sealed container . For safety reasons, many crane manufacturing and service providers require certification of Asbestos lining disposal , we can provide all required documentation and certification at your request.

Our modern workshop located in the heart of Sheffield and our skilled machinists enable us to carry out all types of relining and bonding services that you may require.

With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to offer a combination of high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service and competitive prices that you will not find elsewhere.

Overhead Crane and Elevator Services

  • Lift fail safe brake shoe reline
  • Hoist rotor crane drivers
  • Truster brake show reline 
  • Hoist brake shoe reline
  • NTD Testing
  • Drive plates reline
  • New drive plates
  • Specialist grab pads and callipers friction lined
  • Electromagnetic brake shoe and disc relined
  • Friction discs
  • Fan plates 
Supported Sectors For Brake and Clutch Relining

Mobile crawler crane brake shoe exchange

Mobile crane customers save on expensive downtime, using our service exchange brake shoe scheme. We keep all the most popular mobile crane brake shoes on the shelf for the Kessler axle.

Brake relining for off highway & heavy plant vehicles

We stock a full range of replacement Brake Pads, calliper seal kits and pistons for all modern dump trucks, loaders, shovels and scrapers. We also reline any type of brake shoe, band or clutch Plate.
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We are proud to be a UK based supplier of high quality automotive electro-mechanical parts, we deliver a fast and reliable service to the OEM and after market sectors for construction, agriculture and road going vehicle market. 

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What our customers say...

Richard Dobbs
Richard Dobbs
August 14, 2023.
Great service and good value for money, bonded and riveted my linings, next day service too. 1958 Scammell Highwayman
peter szczesiak
peter szczesiak
July 13, 2023.
What a great place to recline your classic brake linings, older vehicles arnt that well served for parts anymore and it's a case of repair rather than replacement. A 24 hour turnaround can be better than waiting for the parts to arrive as well, it's also well priced to boot
Dick Burr
Dick Burr
May 12, 2023.
just fitted brake shoes on my 1947 field marshal relined by these guys and what a fantastic job they have done.👍👍👍👍
February 21, 2023.
Very good friendly staff .
Philip Downes
Philip Downes
November 18, 2022.
Was fast and reliable thanks
Jason Noble
Jason Noble
November 16, 2022.
Excellent service from this company on an industrial clutch. Turned it round in 24 hours and the price was excellent. Only have the picture before
Chris Wright
Chris Wright
August 30, 2022.
Brilliant service..would recommend highly and very reasonable price
Steve Liversidge
Steve Liversidge
May 24, 2022.
Good set of lads
James Bowman
James Bowman
February 1, 2022.

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