Vintage and classic brake and clutch relining

Custom Brakes and Hydraulics clutch and brake relining service is available from our factory in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Our services include a fast turnaround on all our products to help with expensive downtime. Our UK wide collection and delivery service helps keep your business or hobby moving without any unnecessary waiting around.

Our service caters for any shape or size of brake shoe. Vintage Car, Bike, Bus or a more modern application such as Off Highway and Heavy plant. Using our knowledge according to the Friction material used for the reline of your classic and vintage car, Motorcycle or Commercial brake Shoe and Band application. We offer a full Reline service to Cast Alloy, Aluminium, Steel or Cast Steel shoes by the use of either Thermal Bond or Rivet Procedures.

  • Any Shape
  • Any Size
  • Vintage Cars
  • Vintage Motorcycles
  • Classic Bus
  • Commercial Brake Shoes
  • Band Applications
  • Cast Alloy
  • Aluminium
  • Steel Brake Shoes
  • Cast Steel Brake Shoes
  • Thermal Bond
  • Rivet Procedure
  • Asbestos Free Lining Compounds

Our unique range of materials will satisfy the demands of all Vintage and Classic Enthusiasts. We offer a wide choice of Asbestos Free Lining Compounds to suit all applications for road use, trials and racing. We also offer Friction Materials that are Asbestos free and are of a higher quality and better performance than the well-known AM4 for your racing or track needs.

Est. 1980 we have 40 years’ experience providing a high quality service within the specialist brake and clutch relining market. Our Brake and Clutch Relining services cover all types of applications such as Mobile Cranes, Overhead Cranes and Elevators, Presses and Forges, Off Highway and Heavy Plant, Forestry and Agriculture, Paper and Packaging, Marine Industry, Vintage and Classic Motor Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Commercial and Industry Engineering Friction.

Call. 0114 276 7971 or email.

Custom Brake and Hydraulics Ltd. Unit 2 Holbrook Rise, Holbrook Industrial Estate, Sheffield, S20 3FG


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