Custom Brakes and Hydraulics Ltd are Brake and Clutch Relining Specialists who have been servicing the Industry since 1980. Our services cover every type of Brake or Friction product you would ever require.

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Based in Sheffield our Brake and Clutch clients are located around the world as well as throughout the UK and Ireland. With over 34 years experience, we offer advice and expertise on the relining of all types of Brake and Clutch components. We offer a full in house Brake, Clutch, Bonding and Riveting, Relining and Machining service here at our workshop in Sheffield.

We cover the rest of the UK and Ireland by a dedicated next day / same day courier service for both collection and delivery of your goods if you are not local to Sheffield. We also supply our friction services and parts to our customers Worldwide. We can offer next day airfreight on most shelf stocked items. We are committed to service and quality to the highest standards with a great understanding that time is of the most importance to our customers – that is why we offer same day or next day turn around service for your goods depending on the application.

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With over 34 years experience, we offer advice and expertise on the Relining of Brake and Clutch Components.

We offer a full in house Brake and Clutch, Bonding and Riveting, Relining and machining service here at our workshop in Sheffield.

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