Boltmaster Ortlinghaus Clutch Reline


A local worldwide bolt and nut manufacturer recently got in touch with us following a clutch failure – unfortunately for them this was a breakdown situation and ultimately ended up stopping their production. The maintenance department got in touch with us and within one hour we had collected the clutch and it was identified as […]

Cutler-Hammer Brakes

Cutler Hammer Brakes

Cutler-Hammer brakes are used for both holding and stopping heavy loads. Common applications include hoists, conveyors, cranes and machine tools. These brakes are from the steel manufacturing industry, specifically off of an overhead crane hoist brake. Not only were these brake shoes relined by thermal bonding procedure some of them were hole line bored on […]

Hasenclever Friction Press

Friction Press

We were recently contacted by a York-based medical manufacturing company asking to have their friction press wheel relined. Due to the weight of the wheel, we collected it using our sister company’s haulage services – Custom Haulage. After collection, it was brought back to our workshop in Sheffield for a full strip-down after which we […]

Massey 1946 Press

Massey Press

A local company called us out for a clutch and brake fail on their Massey 1946 Press and after collection we identified that the brake/clutch was a Taylor size 26. As this is an older setup, we looked at our historic specification records to see what grade of friction and thickness was required. We then […]

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