Brake Relining for Overhead Cranes and Elevators

Here at Custom Brakes and Hydraulics Ltd we offer a 24 hour / 365 days reline service for the overhead crane and elevator service industry. We understand valuable down time costs money. Also if required we can provide Asbestos Lining Disposal Documentation. All modern Friction Materials we use are Non-Asbestos. However the Brake Lining Materials we strip off Brake Bands and Brake Shoes may still have old Asbestos based materials on them, due to this all our stripping work is carried out in a controlled environment, using dust extractors. All old Brake Linings are disposed of in our designated sealed container. This skip is emptied as required.



  • Lift fail safe brake shoe reline
  • Hoist rotor cone drives
  • Truster Brake Shoe Reline
  • Hoist Brake Shoe Reline
  • NDT Testing
  • Drive Plates Relined
  • Drive Plates Supplied New
  • Specialist Grab Pads and Callipers Friction Lined
  • Electromagnetic Brake Shoes and Disc Relined
  • Friction Discs
  • Fan Plates