Brake Relining service for Forestry and Agriculture

Custom Brakes and Hydraulics Ltd  Sheffield Reline all makes of Agricultural Trailer and Tractor Brake Shoes by Thermal Bonding or by Riveting, we also supply a full range of Wet Brake Transmission and Park Brake Discs. We Reline your Clutch and PTO drive plates and can offer a full re building service of Agricultural Clutch Assemblies Covers for all makes and Models, Including Plant and Off Road Applications.

If your Trailer Brake Shoes are not suitable for Reline, our in house fabrication shop can re-sole your shoes and use your existing webbing so they are suitable to reline.


  • Fabrication
  • Sintered Friction Plates
  • Paper Friction Plates
  • Bespoke Kevlar Plates
  • Thermal Bonding
  • Paddle Clutch Re-Line
  • Clutch Cover Overhaul
  • Clutch Kit Service Exchange
  • Oil Immersed Friction Material
  • Steel Matting Plates